Post production, the products are systematically packed and loaded in containers/transport till it reaches to the end users.
Our Organic soybean meal is being used as livestock / poultry / cattle feed raw material. We ensure that the Soybean meals free from insects, visible / invisible fungus infestation and from any sort of musty odour. These organic Soymeal are very rich source of protein and therefore can be applicable as protein supplement too.
Benefit of Organic NON-GMO Soy Meal .
• Energy and Protein in one ingredient.
• Eliminates the need to add fat in poultry and dairy cattle feeds.
• Replaces soybean meal in poultry, dairy and beef cattle feeds.
• Our unique cooking system breaks cell walls in soybeans, increases protein, fat digestion efficiency, modifies complex carbohydrates, reduces viscosity in the intestine and decreases weight droppings.
• Our unique process increases the percentage of Rumen Bypass Protein for ruminants.
• Contains only 6-7% moisture and contains Tocopherol and Lecithin, important for protection from oxidation and increasing fat digestibility.
APROXIMATE ANALYSIS: Protein 46-47 % Min
Moisture 6-7% Max
Oil/Fat 6.50-7.50 % Min
KOH 80 – 85 % Min
Trypsin 11000 TIU/ gm maximum by test method AOCS Ba 12-75
Ureas 0.05 - 0.10 maximum by test method pH unit rise
Non – Gmo Negative (Less than .01% PNR Test)
Pesticide below Detection Limit (Less than .01%)
MESH SIZE: 6-40 mesh size particles or as per requirement of customer
Stone 0.05%
Glass Not present
Mould insect Not present
Metal Not present
Weeveld seed Not present
LABELING: Organic Soybean Meal
- 25, 50 kg. Weight P.P Bag or as per requirement of customer.
- 1 MT Big Bag
- Bulk packing in full liner bags
Shelf life: 1 Year from the date of manufacturing
Storage: Dry place