Organic Cracked Corn-(Food & Feed Grade)

We are cultivating Organic NON-GMO Maize (CORN) by our contract farmer in organic certified farms and then it is brought to our Organic certified Cleaning & Grading Plant Where we clean the corn and remove the foreign particles. After cleaning corn is further processed in grading plant where it is graded by its size & shape. then we take the cleaned Organic Maize in our processing unit where we produce Organic cracked corn in different different sizes as per the requirement of customer.


  • Protein Min 7-9%
  • Fat Min 0.5-1.2%
  • Moisture Max 11.5-13.5%
  • Purity Min 99.50%
  • Foreign Matter Max .5%
  • Non – Gmo 100 %
  • Free from dead / live insects, stones, plastics/metals and adhered
  • soil free from noxious weeds.
  • Made from 100% corn, No admixture
  • 100% cracked, no whole corn presented
  • LABELING: Organic Feed Grade Cracked Corn


  • - 25, 50 kg. Weight P.P Bag or as per requirement of customer.
  • - 1 MT Big Bag
  • - Bulk packing in full liner bags

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